What We Do

Investment In Singapore Throught M&A

We are business brokers that work with sellers and buyers as a bridge to complete their m&a process, sellers engage us to shape up their business or sale while buyers would have the options upon investment in Singapore companies, merger & acquisition of their desired company.
Sellers and buyers will appreciate our trust and compliance to Singapore legal requirement, tapping on our experience to conclude a deal at ease.


Help buyer to approach and select the right sellers to expand or grow the business

Raise Your Profile

Increase value-added and clientele database for your business profile

Exit Strategy

Be ready for encashment when the seller decided to exit the market

How To Invest In Singapore Business

The below four key considerations when investing in Singapore business that would provide the strategic direction to have your business presence in Singapore.

Regionally, the buyer has a better option for growth and expansion, should the investment grow exponentially. Searching for the right business becomes essential and crucial to have the integrity and trust of the current business seller. Sellers would also want to protect their internal assets to be both tangible and intangible.

  • Potential growth in the region in addition to the Singapore market
  • Has a strategic presence for the regional expansion
  • Registered Singapore as a strategic regional headquarter (RHQ)
  • Better financial planning and control in Singapore

Buyers should consider the client’s database to compliment their current business needs. Also, consider especially the core business products and services of sellers must be a supplement to their strategic plan.
The seller would be able to share how their intent for the business continuity and their products and services in the market segment and positioning.

The Bridge Between Sellers, Buyers, Investors & Franchises Across Asia

Be the Broker for sellers and buyers including investors or franchising owners as well as venture capitalists. Explore all options for merger and acquisition processes.

Be reliable and trustworthy to ensure all data are kept highly secured plus confidential. Essentially, the seller is concern about the initial process to keep the intent of M&A out of the knowledge of employees. The acquisition would also offer to include employees transfer or exclude them.

All discussions and agreements are technically and legally bound. Before the arrangement of the meeting, we would require both parties to sign a document of a letter of intent or letter of understanding to ensure and protect the interest of all parties.

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Contribution To Your Buy Sell Business Process

Our approaches towards M&A is to enlarge the expansion of information of the Sellers to the potential buyers through global advertising by applying advance technologies.


Invest Or Acquire Business In Singapore That Has Potential Or Profitable, To Supplement Or Complement Your Current Company.

Sell Business

Singapore based businesses looking to sell the company or has an opportunity for investors, for any industry and sizes either failing or profitable.

Business Makeover

To increase your company value must start from the foundation of the business, which is the branding. Branding is like the soul of a person.


A company that intends to sell can have a fair judgment of their price mark, and for the buyer to understand seller risk and potential to make a more informed decision.


Funding can be from banks, loan companies, a sister company, global HQ, or venture capitalist (VC). Be it now or at a later stage, early preparation is encouraged.

Business Exit Planning

To shape your business toward the favor of investors or acquisitors in the future, to worth higher value when you ready to sell the business. We look into the core areas of companies.

Bizmaster Made A Difference

Our Competitive Edge

We focus on firms and companies that want to get promising buyers to further enhance its profitability.

Our business team of Brokers and Advisors will assess the buyer and seller of their current financial positioning and the strategic direction for the business continuity and growth.

Our team members cover branding and marketing, human capital development, operations excellence, and knowledge management in addition to corporate financial analytics. This differentiates us for the initial purchase of firms or companies in Singapore. Thereafter assist the buyers to grow regionally as part of the Singapore economic strategic plan.

Finance Strategies 90%
Marketing Strategies 80%
People Strategies 80%

Our Advisory Team

Top of their fields in their individual industry, the master of their domain knowledge

CF Wong

M&A Specialist & Grant Advisor

OUR Commitment

Why Appoint Bizmaster?

We proactively search for buyers and sellers to match your m&a request, and help companies to establish their unique selling proposition (USP).

We proactively approaching potential sellers that can complement and supplement your current position, evaluate their finance and USP.

  • Low or reduced risk
  • Potential product of service
  • Their client's database
  • Who is in the core team

Our advisors and brokers enhance your profiles to get you ready to match the right buyer, locally or globally.

  • Has business chemistry with buyer
  • In a related or complementing industry
  • Buyers that are financially sustainable
  • Able to accept sellers terms

We look out for unique or potential company base on your directions, from early-stage business to MNC.

  • Niche business
  • New technologies
  • Unique product or service
  • With the potential business proposal
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