Getting Business Financing In Singapore For M&A Process

The finance situation is core as part of buy and sell processes. The valuation of the seller’s company is the starting point. From the valuation, the tangible value is the first consideration while intangible is equally important. Nevertheless, the financial position of buyer and seller are crucial for the fees and other costs may need to be incurred.

Financing options are part of the M&A process. We work closely with either seller or buyer or even both on the financial initiatives and brainstorm for the various approaches as our team members are specialized in capital loans and working capital from banks and financial institutions.

Understanding Business Loan & Funds In Singapore Mergers & Acquisitions


Financial fund availability in the business is of key concern and contributes to the risk involved.

The M&A Payment

To pay in a few periods, prior to the transfer to the company, 6-month and 12 months in four installments.

The funding Institutions

Could be banks, loan companies, a sister company, Global HQ, Venture capitalist (VC)


Buyer may need a loan to upgrade their operational facility.

Financing Process :

Considering your personal and corporate credit history, current financial commitment and risk to conclude the eligibility of the requestor.

For the next 3 years of the strategy for growth, uniqueness of the product or service.

Depending on funders or loan institutes, they will have their own application procedure and we will advise accordingly.

Meet Our Team

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M&A Specialist & Grant Advisor