Opportunities To Put Your Business For Sale

We provide sellers profiling upfront and valuation including their product and services to know its strength, what value add can a seller offer to the buyer. We guide the seller through the m&a process during the sale of their business and conclude the deals technically and legally.

In the m&a process, we will protect your trademark and confidentiality of the company and make sure its a fair deal for both parties.

Raise Your Profiles And Growth Potential To Made The Sale Of Business At Ease

Through Certification

Singapore Quality Class (SQC) with People/Service excellence

Operation Efficiency

Improvement For Innovation And Productivity Grants

Brand Identity

By Brand Enhancement And Revamping Website

Obtain Grants

From National certification and Quality Assurance

Selling Process :

An evaluation process to understand the strength of the seller and determine the selling price of their business

Non-discloser agreement to protect both buyer and seller confidentiality during the process of the M&A transaction, a deal agreement will also be presented to kick start the process.

Done by a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) to help buyers assess the risk and potential of the seller company.

A professional proposal to pitch for buyers or investors to acquire your company

Ready to list your business for sale in public and our associates without exposing the seller identity, pro-actively search for the targeted industry for the acquisition.

Meet Our Team

CF Wong

M&A Specialist & Grant Advisor