Why Should Company Go Through Valuation Before M&A?

Technically, a process for the valuation of the seller’s company would be the start of the transaction for M&A. The initial valuation is the foundation of both the current financial status of the seller and its intangible worth of the said company. This would help both parties, in the M&A process to determine the financial position.

Banks and Financial would also be interested too. In the event that finance advances or grants applications, the financial statements are critical.

How to Increase Business Valuation?

Client Database

Enhance sales and leads for the business, and the database must be active and recent.

Financial Statues

Increase the profit and potential of your business, manage risk and liability well.

Market Position

Enhance branding, positioning and social proof to set how customers think about your brand.

Certification and Awards

Profiling your business to gain consumer's trust, to be a recognized and reliable brand.

Valuation Process :

Restructuring the financial to a more organized manner that buyers understand, making sure essential detail is in and complete.

Example: Business valuation based on growth, cash-flow and risk would be one of the model.

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