Process To Buy Business And Legal Terms

We establish the buyer’s needs and financial capabilities and match the appropriate seller, exclusive search for Seller that matches buyer pre-requisite to buy business in Singapore. We filter through sellers and do background checks to make sure the seller in the good shape and beneficial to Buyer.
Our advisors and brokers will prepare the letter of Intent through our legal partner, and all the necessary legal agreement involved in the deal.

Selecting A Profitable Business To Buy In Singapore

Financial Profile Of Seller

The past few year's financial statements that shown the company commitment, risk, and performance.

Asset Of The Seller

Like equipment, system, and properties that own buy seller, whether fully or partially paid.

Client Database

Customers that are active, recently purchased, and frequency. Who are they and how can the database supplement my current network.

Growth Potential

Both Singapore And Regionally, if any strategies can help with future expansion plans.

Buying Process :

Usually, carry out on a profiling document for buyers to fill up, or advisors do a one to one consultation on the profiling

Buyers who are concern about the confidentiality may request to sign an NDA with us, else the agreement will cover the terms and conditions of the deals and commission

All essential documentation will be gathering at this stage for us to evaluate the necessary actions required to start selling

Done by a qualified CPA to let buyers assess the buyers and do the due diligence

Normally buyers would want to see the potential of the sellers, what are the projected success for the next few years

Start the matchmaking process of the M&A journey

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