Gov Digital Grant for Projects

Market influencers are depending on digital technology, this is especially so for search and comments on these products or services. Who and how the user of the seller’s products or services respond to these products and any user comments. We work with the seller to establish the digital platform to obtain relevant information and data on its products and services plus their quality and expectations.

Digital technology also helps to convert some manual processes into a faster mode and thus raise productivity. Application of such digital technology, our team members will be able to identify the areas of conversion into digital processes.

Advantage To Use Digital Funding Grant

Convert To Digital Content

Establish the scopes and areas to go digital especially for retail business.

Online Integration

Integrating to Facebook, Instagram and related agencies like hungry-go-where, grab food.

Convert To Digital Platform

Like F&B business to use the system for self-ordering foods, drinks, and desserts.

Going Mobile Business

Example to use the mobile app or log in to the website for B2B or B2C real-time ordering.

Funding Criterial & Steps For Digital Projects

Grants Type

Available under productivity, marketing, and innovations.


This information are derived from the business plan for the future 3 years after M&A agreement.


Base on past 3 years financial statements and projected future 3 years revenues, cost and potential profits.


30% ownership of Singapore or SPR, revenue less than $100 million, and employee less than 200.

Digital Strategies Process :

Review the current system used, analyze the gap for improvement and issue. Also, understand client needs and requests.

A newly proposed solution will be presented at this stage to serve the client’s needs, the budget discussion should be concluded.

The client must fall into the criteria set by the grants provider, then preparation of grants proposal will be done and submit for approval.

Commence of projects after grants approval, the claim amount will be re-inburst after completion and fully paid.

Meet Our Team

CF Wong

M&A Specialist & Grant Advisor