Early Exit Strategy Planning For Startup & SME

Business exit strategy and planning for current business owners who knows their business has the potential for growth and to exit this business for potential buyer/acquisitor who has better marketing and operational knowledge to run the business.

The current business owner initial this exit strategy will need proper planning to audit and evaluate their business values and profitability to attract potential acquisitor. Planning involves finance, branding, marketing, operation, human resource, and digital enhancement.

What Is Needed In A Business Exit Strategy?

Marketing And Sales

Performance of the company preferably to be profitable.

Your Manpower And Talent

Committed and effective leaders that contribute to the business.

Database of Clientele

To sell your company, buyer or investors looking for a customer base that can supplement their business.

Financial Status

Any liability & Debts, the buyer looking for the acquisition will need to assess the risk involved.

What Can We Contribute To Your Exit Planning In Your Company?

Reduce Cost

Increase the productivity of your sales, operation, finance and human resource process.

Accounts & Annual Reports

Keep track of your finances to make sure it is transparent and organized.

Increase Sales Revenue

Strategic planning in your branding and marketing KPI.

Raise Your Profile

Using certifications, awards, and grants to enhance your corporate profiling, get more credibility and recognition.

Exit Planning Process:

Looking at an overview of the business in terms of finance, sales, marketing, productivity, operation, and human resource.

Map out the improvement that will impact the future merger or acquisition potential, then look into areas to upgrades base on your brand direction.

Planned solutions by our advisor technically and strategically, base on the exit strategy that best suits your company.

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