How Makeover Increase Value Of A Company?

Establish your market positioning and segmentation to increase your competitive advantages, by enhancing your brand presences. With the right brand position in Singapore and global, you can acquire more quality customers database.

Valuation of a business also look at your branding, a brand that established in the right direction will give buyer more advantages and compliment their buying intention.

Enhance The Aesthetic Of Your Brand To Increase Company Value

Brand Direction

Rewrite brands message and brand tone of your business

Customer Persona

Create your target persona & understand them

Online Marketing

Revamp the aesthetic of your digital media

Offline Marketing

The first impression is shown like uniform, document, vehicle, etc

Makeover Process:

Look at your brand archetypes, brand tone, and message. Evaluate if the online and offline marketing collateral suits the target audience persona.

Research on market trends and modern design concepts to make sure it is aligned with the brand tone and message. Suggest on enhancement or revamp toward user-oriented look and feel, making sure the right objective is brought across.

A range of corporate identity across online and offline to be consistent, re-branding exercise starts from logo, website, document to prints, signages, etc.

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