How Marketing Compliment M&A?

We will do the current gap analysis of the seller’s portfolio and to work with the seller on their marketing strategy, namely on customer segmentation, positioning and current product analysis.

From here, we would be able to work closely with the seller to upgrade and update the profile. This would also add advantage for buyers to get a “ready-made” business for their M&A strategy.

How Marketing Agency Made Your Brand Interactive With Customers?

Understand Your Audience

By doing data analysis, research or surveys to find out your target persona and why should they buy from you instead of competitor.

Objective Planning

Marketing ideas & advertising campaign, to create awareness or sales for your company.

Get Referral And Loyalty

Marketing agency creates campaigns to engage with clientele and potential leads, also to encourage customers to share.

Get Consistent Results

A marketing plans that map out your short and mid-term strategies, include online and offlice strategic planning.

Marketing Process :

By understanding what has been done and done well, or not working. From gathering data from online and offline, it could be tabulated by feedback, survey, or campaign reports.

With data from experience or market research, depending on the brand and target audience. Ideas will be brainstormed base on the business direction, mainly constructed with an allocated yearly budget given.

Our preference in this stage is to manage the budget like an in-house team, consolidate resources depending on what is planned. Making sure all deliverables and timeline is met, the quality of work, and reports are organized.

Meet Our Team

CF Wong

M&A Specialist & Grant Advisor